Join us

Our advantages:

1.Accurate market analysis;                                                  2.Be good at the development and management of art industry;

3.Directly cooperate with investors and experts;                  4.Team's pursuit of beauty, art and culture development.

Whether you join Cowin at any stage of occupation career, whether you are an intern, assistant or some qualified professional personnel, as long as you have good learning ability and willingness to set high goals and meet the challenge, can calm the face of setbacks and can readily accept the joy of success, you can show yourself and share the joy of development of our company.

Cowin regards employees as the most valuable assets of enterprises, and attaches great importance to the sustainable development and training of talents. The concept of serving the company's strategy and corporate culture helps the staff and the company grow together by helping them improve their work performance and personal skills.

If you have a special perspective, independent thinking, ability to organize all resources, if you love challenges and can keep a responsible attitude, come and join us!


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